About Us

Established in 2024, JAL Virtual Group was founded with the goal of reinvigorating the virtual airline scene in Japan. Through our dedication and commitment to excellence, we aim to provide the best virtual airline experience for Infinite Flight pilots around the globe.

Our expansive fleet and route network allow pilots to circumnavigate the globe at their own pace, exploring not only what Japan has to offer, but destinations in Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania. In addition, our network of codeshares makes the number of possibilities even greater, with our partner airlines available to you from the day you join JAL Virtual Group.

Our Staff Team

At JAL Virtual Group, our diverse team is built around the fundamental principles of Japanese hospitality. Each member of our team has extensive experience within the Infinite Flight Community, and we are dedicated to making your JAL Virtual Group experience great.

Senior Leadership Team


President and CEO


Vice President, Head of External Affairs


Vice President, Head of Internal Affairs

Operations Team


Operations Manager


Pilot Manager


Flight Manager